Version 2.0


                        Copyright (C) 2001-2014
                          By Rudolph R. Loew

The Conference Console is a Voice Conferencing Program that can support
up to 8 simultaneous connections. The Program can be customized to support
more than 8 if desired (see ORDERING below). It is designed for use with high
speed internet or intranet connections that can support high quality audio.
Dial-Up support is provided with lower quality audio and connectivity.
This program is designed primarily for Peer-to-Peer use. No server is
required, so you are not dependent on a service that could disappear, charge
a fee, subpoenaed for information or be a compromised. AES-256 Encryption is
available to secure Voice communication from interception. The Conference
Console can also be setup as a server, providing a public or semi-public
voice chat room.


Windows 98 or later.
800x600 or better display for full functionality.
Pentium CPU or Equivalent.
Sound Card or Device capable of Recording and Playback simultaneously.
Direct Internet or Intranet connection not requiring use of Proxy Servers.
A service provider that does not block incoming connections (firewall) if
 you wish to receive incoming calls.


A freely distributable version of the Conference Console designed to allow
users to try out the features of the Conference Console and to determine
the usability of the Program on their Computers prior to purchasing a copy.

The Demo Version of the Conference Console has all of the features of the
Full Version except as follows:

Calls are limited to approximately one minute.
The Name/ID has been preset to DEMO
The Call Destination is preset to call my Conference Router.
Encryption is limited to a single fixed Key.

Download Conference Console for Broadband

Download Conference Console for Dial-Up

Conference Console Snapshot


The Full Version is $10.00 + $1.00 S&H = $11 US per copy.

NOTE: you will need to purchase at least two copies, one for each Computer,
unless the people you talk to already have purchased their own copies of
the Program.

Ordering instructions are contained in the README.TXT file inside the DEMO
package or you can E-Mail me at: