Version 1.0 (DEMO)


                       Copyright (C) 2003-2004
                          By Rudolph R. Loew

The High Capacity Disk Patch Program patches Windows 98/98SE/ME to provide
direct support for hard drives larger than 137GB without requiring a
controller card or the Intel Application Accelerator which can only be
used with an Intel chipset motherboard. The patch installs support for the
48-Bit addressing mode required for hard drives larger than 137GB.


Windows 98, 98SE or ME.
BIOS support for hard drives >137GB.


Read the Licensing terms and conditions in the LICENSE.TXT file before
using the Patch Program. Installation of the Patch constitutes acceptance
of all of the terms and conditions in the LICENSE.TXT file.

This software is licensed to you free for your evaluation. This Demo software
is limited to 145GB. Reading and/or Writing data above this limit is likely
to cause corruption and data loss. You are solely responsible for any
damages caused by exceeding this limit. To use more than 145GB you must
purchase the full version of this software.

Copies of the program may be copied and distributed freely provided that
all files are copied and distributed together including all Copyright
Notices and this License Agreement.


Download High Capacity Disk Patch