Copyright (C) 2008-2019
                          By Rudolph R. Loew

The following Programs have been tested and used in-house, but may not have
Demo Versions or detailed Manuals. Automated Installers may or may not be
available for these Programs. Purchasers will get updates and any Offical
Releases at no charge. Products showing sufficient interest will be packaged
for Public Release. Please contact Author for further details on these

RAMDSK32        $10 + $1 S&H

Windows 9X compatible RAMDISK that does not use XMS Memory.
Maximum size not limited to 700MB as are standard RAM Disks.

RAMDSK64        $10 + $1 S&H

Windows 9X compatible RAMDISK that uses 64 Bit Memory not accessible to DOS
or Windows in systems with 4GB or more of RAM.
Maximum size not limited to 700MB as are standard RAM Disks.

DLLHOOK         $10 + $1 S&H

The DLLHOOK Program redirects API references to alternate DLLs and/or
Function Names. This allows Programs written for other Versions of Windows to
reach APIs that might be in different DLLs than in Windows 9X or to added
support DLLs or stub DLLs. A VXD Version is available where System Code needs
to be redirected as well. This Version is compatible with KernelEx Version
4.5.2 and can extend it's capabilities.

SATA            $10 + $1 S&H

Patch and INF File to provide support for Motherboard Chipset based SATA
This File is not for use with separate SATA Motherboard Controllers or SATA
Cards. Does not support RAID or AHCI.
Contact Author for SATA Card Support and Compatibility Testing Program.

AHCICD          $10 + $1 S&H

AHCI CD/DVD Driver for DOS. This Driver allows CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray Disk to
be read from DOS when the Drive is connected to an AHCI Controller.
This Driver can be added to a Windows 95, 98, 98SE, or ME Installation Disk
to support Installation of Windows on an AHCI only system.

MEMORY64        $20 + $1 S&H

SDK to support 64-Bit RAM.
This Package allows Programmers to Allocate and use 64-Bit RAM in their
Programs. Single Programs are limited to 2GB but multiple Programs can access
up to 1024GB of RAM simultaneously. Compatible with MULTCORE Multiple Core
Package below.

SHELL32         $10 + $1 S&H

DLL Redirector.
This Package adds 3 missing SHGetFolder Functions to SHELL32.DLL.


Adding these 3 Functions improves the performance of some applications and
provides compatibility for some Windows NT and XP programs.

1TB             $10 + $1 S&H

Patch to support Partitions larger than 1TB.

TIMEZONE        $5 + $1 S&H

Registry Update to support Current Daylight Savings Time Settings.

2000ATA         $10 + $1 S&H

Patched Files to allow Windows 2000 SP4 to be installed safely in a Hard
Drive that is larger than 137GB. Installation with this Patch may lead to
serious corruption of other Partitions, or total loss, despite appearing to
Install properly.


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